Lake Tahoe Named Favorite Destination by Global Discovery Vacations’ Members

September 8, 2016 – Global Connections Inc. (GCI), a pioneer in the travel club industry, has announced that the members of Global Discovery Vacations have selected Lake Tahoe as their favorite destination.  What is even more surprising is the method they used to establish the winner.

According to Tom Lyons, President and CEO of GCI, "We took 16 popular destinations from across the country. Each day members voted for their favorite.  Places such as Disney World, the Grand Canyon and Colonial Williamsburg were pitted against each other in basketball tournament "bracket list" fashion.  Over the course of three weeks, the destinations were narrowed down one by one until reaching the final four most popular destinations."

The last four destinations were paired up against each other.  On the west side of the equation, the versatile landscape of Lake Tahoe competed against Michigan's historical Mackinac Island.  On the east side, beautiful Caladesi Island (Florida) was pitted against the incomparable Grand Canyon.  When the contest ended Lake Tahoe came out as the champion destination.

"Judging by the results," said Lyons, "destinations close to the water earned the most votes."

Since Lake Tahoe has both mountains and water, it appealed to a wide array of travelers.  Looking back over results posted on the Global Discovery Vacations Member Monday, the pristine mountain area was one of, if not the most, reviewed places on the travel club's blog.

"We were surprised that the Orlando area did not come out on top," continued Lyons.  "However, we are glad that we can provide so many interesting and unique destinations for our members to enjoy.  The variety keeps them using their memberships year after year, always having the chance to visit new areas."

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