Global Connections’ Myrtle Beach Management Team Receives Housekeeping Award

Overland Park, KS – July 2009 – The South Carolina property management division of Global Connections, Inc.®, one of the nation’s most respected travel clubs, has received a prestigious award for its flawless housekeeping record during the past year.

The Gold Star of Excellence Award was presented to Kellie Atwood, Manager of the Global Connections property management division by the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association (MBAHA) at its annual meeting, awards and new member expo in May. Global Connections was honored with the award for its “Spotless Reputation”, reflecting a perfect reputation for its housekeeping record during 2008.

The Ethics Committee of the MBAHA and the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce created this Award in 1998 to honor Myrtle Beach Lodging members who maintained a complaint-free housekeeping department for an entire year.

Global Connections contracts with Buffkin Cleaning Service, and is responsible for cleaning more than 70 vacation condominiums managed by Global. Their work must be completed within a six-hour window every Friday and Saturday, requiring superb organizational and time management skills.

The MBAHA Board of Directors expressed their thanks for the staff’s willingness to work diligently to maintain high cleanliness standards, noting that the consistent high quality work reflects positively on the area, enhancing the Grand Strand’s reputation as one of America’s top tourist destinations.

Global Connections has developed and owns many of its properties with resorts currently located throughout the State of Florida, and in California, Tennessee and Colorado. The company also owns multiple resort condominium units in Florida, Hawaii, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin. Global Connections’ 28 sales centers are located in 20 states and are distributors of its travel club product, Global Discovery Vacations, which offers Star Credits, similar to timeshare’s points-based programs, designed to allow members to select programs to fit their lifestyle and budget.


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